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Welcome to InnerCulture where we believe you can create your own Cultural Destiny. Through the transformative power of Cultural Mentoring, our mission is to bridge the gaps between cultural divides and diverse perspectives, fostering healthier organizational and team cultures and, ultimately, fostering global community that thrives on shared understanding and enriched experiences.

At InnerCulture we recognize the profound impact that cultural exchange can have on personal and professional growth. We bring a wealth of cross-cultural expertise to guide leaders and teams on a journey of discovery, re-discovery, connection and, ultimately, transformation with clear new pathways forward.

Our Approach

We understand that navigating a world of diverse cultures can be both exciting and challenging. That is why we are here to provide personalized guidance and support. Whether you are a leader seeking to expand your cultural competencies, a team looking to co-create a culture of learning, growth and performance, an organization aiming to foster a more inclusive environment, or an expat acclimating to a new culture abroad, InnerCulture is here to accompany you on your journey.

Our Commitment

At InnerCulture we are dedicated to helping create a world where Cultural Diversity is celebrated and embraced. Through our Cultural Mentoring and Culture Building programs, we strive to empower leaders, teams, and organizations to navigate the complexities of multicultural settings with confidence, empathy, and an open mind.

Join us on a Journey of Cultural Discovery that will not only broaden your horizons, but also help you manage the complexities and unknowns along the way. How you approach challenges will ultimately determine who you become. The opportunity is making your cultural journey and transformation intentional.

“Regardless of our title or experience, we can learn from one another.
Through mentoring & being open to learn we can reach our ultimate potential.”

Lily Benjamin



Create your Cultural Destiny and step into a future where Cultural Intelligence is not just a buzzword, but an integral part of your journey toward success. By embracing a Partnership with InnerCulture, you are gaining a Passport to a Future where Cultural Fluency is the key to your leadership and organization’s health and sustainability. 

Cultural Mentoring & Culture Building

We go beyond traditional training, crafting a unique approach that fosters a cohesive and inclusive environment. We help you cultivate cultural intelligence, empowering you and your team to thrive in diverse settings ~ where innovation and collaboration can flourish, setting the stage for unparalleled organizational success in a globalizing world.

Expat Support

We help you navigate the complexities of expatriate life in Japan by providing a smoother expat assimilation experience into the rich tapestry of Japanese culture. From personalizes relocation assistance to cultural immersion programs, we ensure that your journey as an expatriate is not just smooth but also an enriching transformational journey.

Japan Based with Global Reach

We seamlessly blend the rich heritage of Japan and Japanese sensibility with a futuristic global perspective in co-designing and delivering transformational cultural mentoring and culture-building engagements with unparalleled quality and design that transcends borders.

Hi, I’m Andrew

Shaffer, MSC, MCC

I am a Tokyo-based executive coach, founder of InnerCulture Inc. & cofounder of Hummingbyrd Inc. I have over 30 years of Transformational Experience working in a variety of different cultures worldwide. Helping you transform discomfort into confident and desired outcomes has been my life’s work.

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Team Culture Building for Performance

In today’s dynamic, ever-changing and disruptive business environment, the success of any Organization hinges on the Effectiveness of its teams.



Inboarding & Onboarding Mentoring

InnerCulture is here to guide you every step of the way in creating a Culture of Mentorship within your company, fostering collaboration, and accelerating the integration…



Navigating Culture Norms Across Teams

InnerCulture’s mission is to provide you with practical insights, tools, and strategies to help individuals and organizations thrive in multicultural settings.



Managing & Leading “Org Change”

InnerCulture is here to provide you with valuable insights, practical strategies, and expert guidance to help you successfully lead and manage change within your organization…



Cultural Mentoring for Leaders

In an increasingly globalized and diverse world, leaders who possess Cultural Awareness and Intercultural Competence are essential for fostering inclusive, high-performing programs…



Mentoring for Expats and Soon to be Expats

Navigating the challenges of relocating to a new country or culture can be both exciting and daunting. InnerCulture provides invaluable support and guidance to expatriates and those on the verge of embarking on this new journey.


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